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Getting into an air conditioned car on a hot day is one of the best feelings. However if your vehicle’s A/C system is broken you’ll find yourself wishing you got it checked out sooner. Allow us at Walt Massey Ford Crystal Springs to highlight some of the signs to look for if you suspect your Ford’s air conditioning is failing.

Loud Sounds 

A properly functioning air conditioning system should only make a quiet humming sound when it’s on. If you hear any kind of banging, screeching, or rattling sound it could indicate that there are loose parts.

Lack of Refrigerant 

If the air coming from the vents is warm or cool instead of cold it’s possible that the refrigerant could be leaking from one of the hoses inside the system. The refrigerant is what makes the air come out cold so without it you’ll only be getting warm or hot air from the vents.

Lack of Airflow 

If there is little to no airflow coming from the vents your A/C blower hose could be damaged or loose. Other potential issues include a broken fan or mold accumulating inside the system which is something you’ll want to have taken care of as soon as possible.

Bad Compressor or Evaporator 

The lack of cold air in your vehicle could also be caused by a broken compressor. The compressor is one of the main components in your air conditioning system so if it breaks down it could be the cause of a lot of issues.

If you notice liquid accumulating inside of your vehicle something might be wrong with the evaporator making it unable to take the moisture from the air and deposit it outside the vehicle.

Ford A/C Repair Near Me

When it’s time to have your Ford’s A/C repaired we encourage you to schedule a service appointment with us at Walt Massey Ford Crystal Springs near Jackson and Brookhaven. The certified technicians at our Ford Service Center use only the best OEM Ford parts to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come. If you have any questions or want more information on Ford air conditioning repair contact us online today!

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